Web of Tech Support Scam Domains

This is just a quick brain dump. TL;DR: at least 2,102 tech support scam (TSS) domains. Initial domain I came across: hXXp://ghryuiefdao{.}tk/?number=888-348-1742&bluer=1 2018-07-18 UPDATE: Total Server Solutions has terminated service. New host is Virtual Machine Solutions. ;; ANSWER SECTION: ghryuiefdao{.}tk. 56… »

The Right Way to Set an Out of Office Filter

You'd think it's quite easy to deal with your email when you go out of the office for an extended period of time, right? It's not. Sure, you could just set an out of office auto responder and call it day. If you're anything like me you will be annoyed… »

Credit Card Stealing JS

One day I noticed log lines like this: [+] Request: http://BADOMAIN/l.php?p=Bob%Smith%7C1%20Bob%20Smith%20Dr.%20%7CSt%2%CITY%2C%20GA%ZIP%20US%20US%7C%7CBobSmith%40gmail.com [+] Referer: https://VICTIMDOMAIN/process.html [+] UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 9_3_5 like Mac… »

Why I Remember the Milk

If you’re looking for a good todo/task/productivity app I’m sure you’ve already realized that you have plenty of options. Creating a todo app is coding 101 for any aspiring app developer (along with a crappy weather app). You can search your app store of choice… »

Server/Website Monitoring Tools

Pingdom: Positives: mobile app large number of testing locations 10 checks at the yearly price is reasonably priced. Built-in “PageDuty”-lite incident response is handy, though overkill for personal web servers. I like the root cause analysis any time a check fails. Provides full connection output, response headers, etc. Extremely… »